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Underdog team

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As a University student I decided to sign up for the basketball team of my faculty: Journalism. We were the underdog team in the Second University League. We were all new players, in our first year at the University and our trainer was a student on his third year. Nobody took us seriously.

I usually played as power forward, and had pretty good success with long shots. I didn’t like too much the hand-to-hand fight under the basket.

My problem was that because an operation I had had in my right leg due to a tumor in the tibia I had stopped playing for several years and I just had come back to the court during my last year of high school, so I needed extra training to play decently. But my studies won’t let me enough time. Nevertheless I was a regular player on the court, so that gives an idea of the quality of the team.

Anyway, we began to play against the nurses team, the favourite, and we, as predicted, lost the match. What a drag! We were so excited in our first game.. But then the following match, against Philosophy, we surprisingly won. and we celebrated like if we had just won the championship. The next week our opponents didn’t appear, so we won again.

And so the season was advancing and we were adding points to our classification. we finally ended in the second place after the nurses and were able to raise the team’s category to the First University League.


Only Sixteen


Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen yet, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen.

I guess I was a fairly pretty girl, excited because I just had started Journalism at the University. I was making new friends, learning new things. I was crazy about music, sports and writing poetry. I wasn’t too popular because I was shy, but I was full of energy and optimism. Life was wonderful.

In order to pay my tuition I had found a job as a music teacher for some little kids and as a telephonist in a residence. I did what I could. The kids drove me crazy and with the phones I sometimes made embarrassing mistakes. But I survived and I kept the jobs and earned the money I needed.

Somehow I found free time to rehearse and sing in a chamber choir specialised in renaissance music, and even to practice and play basketball. Our team ended second in the University championship.

I’ve read now the list of things I did that year and I can’t believe it, but it’s absolutely true. I guess when you’re young and healthy, time is so elastic as your body and when you grow older, time becomes more rigid as your arms and legs do.

I’m sure I did a lot of stupid things but after so many years I only remember all the fun.

Only Sixteen | The Daily Post.


In my newsroom

Soccer stadium in Pamplona  J.A.Goñi

Soccer stadium in Pamplona J.A.Goñi

I like sports. I follow soccer and tennis, but I get so involved I can’t watch an entire match. I get so nervous about the fate of my team or my favorite player I can’t enjoy the beauty of the sport. I prefer to see a recorded match knowing the outcome in advance. Then a can appreciate the sport. When the team or the player is not my favorite I don’t have that problem I can watch live and enjoy.

My newsroom is in a building close to my city’s soccer stadium and that’s good because you can work and follow at the same time, by the screams and wows you hear, what’s going on with the team. When people scream gooooooooooaaaaaaal !!! you only have to run to the nearest TV  screen to see it repeated, celebrate, comment a little in a hurry with your coworkers, share some jokes  with the ones in the sport desk, and then go back to your desk to continue working. I love to follow my team that way, only with the goals and the jokes and without the boring and worrying of the rest of the match. So I guess I’m not a good fan.

Daily Prompt: Fandom.

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