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What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Did you ever experienced sleep paralysis? Your brain is awake but your body remains asleep.
I can hear and feel everything and I’m conscious of what’s going on around me, but I can’t move an inch. I notice I’m breathing too slowly and you I would like to breathe normally, but my lungs refuse to obey my brain, and I feel like I’m suffocating. I want to open your eyes, but I can’t. I want to cry for help, but no sound come to my throat. The help is so close and so unreachable. My mind is running fast. Too fast. My body refuses to move. I feel my arm trapped under the weight of my body and I would like to liberate it but it’s impossible. all kind of thoughts come to my mind. will I stay paralysed forever? I want to cry, but the tears don’t pour from my eyes. Fear fills my mind . Am I dying?. No. Luckily all this is momentary.
But it’s terrifying. I’m afraid to fall asleep. each time this happens, I don’t know if I will wake up normally or I will fall into a coma forever






Ever have an experience that felt surreal, as though you’d been suddenly transported into the twilight zone, where time seemed to warp, perhaps slowing down or speeding up? Tell us all about it. If you haven’t had an experience in real life that you can draw from, write a fictional account of a surreal experience.

The only surreal experience I ever have had is the delirium coming out from anaesthesia. I already wrote about this in a post last year. I was twelve. I was deeply impressed by my visit to the El Prado Museum where I had seen the masterpieces of the great Spanish painters Goya and Velazquez. I remembered the Goya’s exhibit rooms with his colourful magistral portraits his cheerful scenes but then we walked into the rooms dedicated time when he evolved to a dark period with his series about the “disasters of war” and finally his “Black paintings”, which scared me a lot, above all the famous “Saturn devouring his son”. Terrifying.

In my delirium I was inside the paintings of Goya as another character. Posing happily along with kings and queens, dancing and playing with merry peasants. But the merry peasants faces began to change and transform into the horrible, ugly, deformed faces of the “Black Paintings”. And suddenly I got trapped by monsters that were dragging me towards the ominous scene of Saturn devouring his son. The monstrous Saturn was waiting for me. And I could’t wake up like from a nightmare. Only wait for my turn to be devoured and wait, and wait…

They told me that I began to cry aloud “I don’t like Goya, I like Velázquez, I don’t like Goya, I like Velázquez!”…

My father told me later he was proud of me, because I had a cultural delirium.

Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone.
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